Tradition is being cast aside as more advanced methods and top-notch techniques take its place. With brand-new business models and fresh, wide-reaching fingertip technology, the future of finance is currently being written––with new authors hot in demand. 

At IE Business School, we dive in headfirst. We make it our business to help you do yours. That’s why our Master in Finance and Master in Advanced Finance now offer a specialization in FinTech to mirror the needs of the sector and equip a new class of market-specific front-runners. 

It’s exciting when new technology opens up opportunities in a traditional sector. The market has changed and so have we. FinTech is shaking the core of the financial sector. Harness its power at IE Business School with the world-leading finance programs that now offers the option to specialize in FinTech during the final period, in addition to the already existing specializations in Corporate Finance & Private Equity and Investments.

IE Business School, in line with its values of innovation and technical immersion, is the first finance program in the world to launch a master with a specialization in FinTech. The financial industry is experiencing an important moment of disruption, which is why we are adapting our masters in finance programs accordingly to produce true financial leaders of the future.

The inclusion of FinTech at the core of our portfolio presents a wealth of opportunities for our students, providing them with a torch to brighten the darkness and begin their exploration.

Our approach to FinTech centers on the most important developments in the market. That’s why we offer it as a core subject in all our finance masters programs. Immersing yourself in the most relevant and innovative technological advancements can have a huge impact on your career – as well as on the sector itself. These programs allow our students to push new boundaries and explore new avenues in sectors such as: investment banking, international financing, technology and entrepreneurship.

And what’s more?

Our intense, world-class, full-time Master in Finance and Master in Advanced Finance program just got that much better with the addition of our new FinTech core and specialization. With world-class Masters that take you to the forefront of new technological frontiers, you can do something never done before. Not by you. Not by anyone.

What are you waiting for?

Apply now and take part in the FinTech revolution! Dare to be different.

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