“If you want to understand the world, you need to understand Asia” Nicholas D. Kristof writes in The New York Times”

Madrid – Last week IE Finance Professors – Ignacio Muñoz Alonso (Professor of Advanced Corporate Finance at IE Business School), and Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira (Professor of Fixed Income) participated in the Asia Investment Banking Conference 2016 which took place during two days in the global financial center Hong Kong.

Our professors were invited to be speakers at different events during this Conference including the M&A panel discussion with the world´s leading experts from Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS, HSBC etc (See the complete Speakers´s List)

Professor Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira on the event:

“Asian Investment Banking Conference took place in Hong Kong on September 5th and 6th. It was a phenomenal experience to attend such a conference because it is not so common to see in the same place the major world banks together with their Chinese counterparts.//

In addition to that, there were hundreds of attendants who expressed a keen interest in learning different opinions about M&A or Asset Management focusing on the Chinese market and the rest of the world. It is important to remember that the Chinese M&A activity has beaten records again in 2016.

Why such a growth in M&A? It is obvious that China after of two decades of very heavy growth is advancing towards being a fully developed economy. Companies working in a developing economy can focus much more on organic growth than in a fully developed economy. A fully developed economy require companies to look for synergies and cost optimization and that is done many times through consolidation. Therefore, M&A becomes a key strategy.

Not only that, China that has been virtually isolated during decades. So Chinese companies need to learn from world companies the last management techniques. In order to do that, it is a fantastic idea to acquire a foreign company.

In addition to what has been said, Chinese companies that are willing to grow internationally need capital. So, structured finance and equity and debt capital markets are also very promising fields to be developed extensively in Investment Banking in the next years.”

Initiated by students from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Asia Investment Banking Conference (AIBC) is the largest student-run conference in Asia focused on corporate advisory and financial markets. Held for the 8th year running, the conference continues to attract more than 300 of the brightest and most talented students from approximately 50 renowned universities across the globe each year. As Asian financial markets evolve and become more dynamic, this year’s conference will comprise keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and interactive learning sessions featuring senior professionals within the industry.

Profiles of our participating Professors:

Ignacio Muñoz Alonso

Ignacio Muñoz-Alonso is CEO and Partner of Addax Capital, LLP, a London based financial firm specialised in mergers & acquisitions and fund management. Prior to that Ignacio was Head of Corporate & Investment Banking for the EMEAP region at BBVA. He joined BBVA from Rothschild, where he was a Global Partner and CEO of Rothschild in Spain for 7 years. Before that he spent 7 years at Lehman Brothers, in London and Madrid, where he was a senior banker within the European Media Team. He has 20 years of investment banking experience, having worked mostly in M&A, Debt Financing and Structure Finance, having advised and raised capital for a large number of global Corporates and Sovereign clients as well.

Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira 

Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira is Managing Partner of SAT Capital, where works in M&A, Capital and Debt transactions and Real Estate. In addition to that he frequently defends reports on International Courts of Arbitrage about Financial Products, Investments, Valuations & Renewable Energy. Prior to that , he has been CEO of Hera W2R (Waste to Resource), company dedicated to produce energy or other resources from waste as well as producing and trading of Carbon Emission Rights. At the same time he is Professor of Finance of IE at Madrid. Earlier, he has been Managing Director of Grupo Santander, having worked in fields as Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Risk Management and Consumer Finance, for America, North Africa, and Europe Divisions. Previously he has been Business Development Manager of Amadeus Global Travel Distribution, Consultant at McKinsey & Co and System Analyst of Procter & Gamble.

Professor Rafael Martins de Lima Ferreira at the Conference