Enric shares his experience since he started the MIF program in September 2014.

“Since the start of my master’s program, the IE experience has been amazing. The MIF is a very challenging program, and I have learned so much already from my professors, all of whom have extensive experience in the financial sphere. The curricula gives students a very solid base from which to enter the finance sector. 

As the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) campus ambassador, I am in charge of informing students about the BAT through weekly emails and talks on campus. Specifically, the BAT is a multiple choice test that measures students’ skills and applies them towards a career in finance. The test also ranks students in comparison to the other test takers and once completed, it gives students the opportunity to be contacted by corporations through Bloomberg’s Talent Search tool. 

So far it’s been a very rewarding experience, especially since over 100 students have already taken the test this term. It’s an honour to serve as the BAT ambassador, and I look forward to hosting more succesful sessions throughout the year, and to keep spreading the word about the BAT!”

Keep it up Enric,

Thanks for your words and hope to hear from you in the near future.

Best regards,