IE weekend seen by the eyes of a candidate to our Master in Finance

IE we1


The green light I hope I will soon be facing if I get the chance to be an IE student for the Master in Finance. This is where my IE Weekend Edition started. I was lost in mythoughts, wondering how my first impression about the campus and the people would be. Then across the road, the shortest stoplight I had ever seen in my life showed the green right in front of the IE logo, as if it was telling me ‘now you begin a new adventure, and you will do so by starting with the little things.’ These two days definitely exceeded my expectations, and they were far more than a simple introduction to IE and their programmes. I had the honour to meet the people behind one of the top business schools in the world. I learned about their vision, passion, values, and the strong effort anyone put into making the event a success.





IE we2


It may sound a bit materialistic but I was left with open mouth the moment I stepped into the hotel, and I am sure they didn’t choose it for me only by chance. I believe IE wanted to impress me and the other contest winners in any aspect of the Weekend Edition. They picked Dormirdcine because it resembles what IE itself is and can offer, something different from what you can find in most top business schools. IE extremely is multicultural, just like the diversity of each and every single room in the hotel. It is warm, welcoming, surprising as much as Sherlock Holmes staring at you when you walk out of the elevator of the hotel. But most of all, IE is about personal branding, entrepreneurship, teamworking, innovation, practicality, peculiarities which will eventually make IE alumni stand out from the competition.




IE we3


Besides the very interesting activities and workshops I participated at, what surprised me were the numerous group challenges that I had to face with people I had just met. I made very good friends, high-caliber students with great aspirations with whom I really hope to still be in touch with and exchange experiences and knowledge in the future. The picture above symbolises the teamwork approach and vibe I was able to feel at IE in these two days, where across all the floors – even in halls! – there were whiteboard-looking walls were people would write anything from activities, opportunities, greetings. Overall, the IE Weekend Edition was a great experience which I would recommend anyone to attend in the coming years. And if I think about the fact that this was the first time the university organised such an event, I cannot imagine how exceptional the next editions will be.

Thank you IE!