Our Master in Finance students have the possiblity to take the “Bloomberg Assesment Test” free of charge. Because at IE we prepare our students for real life experience lying ahead and Bloomberg is an essential tool to master in the tomorrow life as Investment Bankers and Financiers.

Furthermore, we want to let you know about our IE Trading Room, another strong point that makes us different.

The IE Trading Room is an investment lab equipped with Bloomberg, FactSet, WONDA, EVA Dimensions, Thompson, Matlab and other resources, that has one of the top collection of analytical tools of any university investment lab in the world. Collectively, this software may have an annual dollar value of over $1,000,000.

At the IE Trading lab you have access to resources ranging from financial, market, business news, economic, security pricing, brokerage research, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and various analytics features to analyze securities including, but not limited to, stocks, bonds, commodities, options and futures, and currencies.

With these tools you can:

  • Hit the ground running on the job
  • Set yourself apart from students at other schools

Good luck with the test!


Finance Admissions Department

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