Last week we celebrated the Opening Ceremony of the Master in Finance 2014 at Aula Magna Hall on IE Campus. This year, we welcome 60 excellent students from 22 different nationalities who speak an average of 3 languages, 83% of the class comes from outside Spain.

The 2014 class witnessed a growth in the number of students from Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa. The geographical distribution is as the following: Europe 63%, Asia Pacific 17%, LATAM 2%, North America 12%, Middle East 3% and Africa 3%.

Some other interesting facts about the class: average age 23, with 1 year full time working experience, 16% women. 20% of the class holds a bachelor degree in International Business/Marketing/Commerce, 30% studied Economics, 18% BBA, 15% Finance, 12% Engineering, Physics, Architecture & Engineering, and 5% Languages, Politics and Law.

The highest GMAT score of the class is 760pts, achieved by two students and 7% students presented CFA certificates. 40% did exchange programs in another country and 29% studied their degrees outside of their home country. 22% of the class did dual degrees in their universities. A total of 22 languages are spoken in class.

The countries presented in the class are: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Indian, American, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swiss, Nigerian, Brazilian, Lebanese, Greek, Austrian, Byelorussian, Ukrainian, Canadian, Colombian, Serbian, Belgian and Azerbaijani.

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Our students come from different universities around the globe such as:


Bocconi, ICADE, Utrecht University, Politécnico di Milano, IE, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, St. Gallen, ETH Zurich, Technische Uni. München, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Belarusian State University, Durham, Universidad Carlos III, Complutense, CUNEF, Politecnica de Madrid, Universidade Nova de Lisboa,

Pompeu Fabra, Navarra, Arts et Métiers, ParisTech (ENSAM), Pôle Paris Alternance, Athens University of Economics and Business, ESG Management School, University of Geneva, National Research University Higher School of Economics Moscow, Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Universidad de Burgos, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, NEOMA Business School in Reims, Copenhagen Business School


Hanyang University of South Korea, Indian School of Business & Finance, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University of Finance & Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Chengdu, James Cook University of Singapore, Calcutta University, Delhi Uni, Mumbai Uni, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, Uni of Melbourne,

Sungyunkwan University Seoul, National Uni of Singapore


University of Miami, University of Western Ontario, Duke, Georgetown, Rutgers, McGill University, University of California San Diego, Universidad de los

Andes, Universidad de Belrgano

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA American Uni of Dubai, Covenant University Nigeria

Our students worked at various sectors, Finance 38%, Consulting 14%, Energy or Construction 16%, Family Business or Entrepreneur 13%, Recent Graduates 6% and other sectors 13%.


Deutsche Bank AG, Commerzbank A, Deloitte, UBS, BNP, Blackrock, JP Morgan, Belarusian  Currency & Stock Exchange, China Development Bank, Guotai Jun´an Securities, China Construction Bank, Allianz, China Minsheng Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Grupo CIMD, Sanitas, Banca March, Grameen Bank, Morgan Stanley, Merril Lynch, Dow Jones, International Financial Corporation, HSBC, DSV Netherlands, Unicredit, KPMG


Astrazeneca, Real Estate CB Richard Ellis Group, Bosch, Mercedes, BMW China, Indra, Repsol, Transports Guisnel, Zamil Infrastructure


Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology


Family owned Venture Capital and Real Estate Investment Fund, Bolt Ventures (Sao Paulo ‐ Risk Capital Firm), ST214 Projekt GmbH, National Budget Group NGO