Thought you already knew everything about Spain?

Were you under the impression the IE experience was all about studies – no tough challenges to face?

Well, Master in Finance students at IE are different. We put themselves in front of a bull and have drinks while rescuing the ladies – the Spanish way. The rule is simple: either watch or participate! Sun, food and drinks, fun and the perfect opportunity to network with other MiF alumni.

The CAPEA provided all of this exciting openings to the current finance students last month.

The event was held at Complejo la Capea, at Talamanca del Jarama, a small village near Madrid, on May 24, 2014. Students took buses from Castellon de la Plana, 8 building, ready with sportive outfits as Capea is essentially a rural event.

And guess what? As the Capea was on the same day as the UEFA Champions League Final, there was also a screen to enjoy two Madrid teams fight against each other for the ultimate glory in European football.

The unique aspect of the event was that it is NOT organized officially by IE, but by the students themselves. Capea is just meant to be the “kick-off” meeting for lots of future annual networking events for Finance students & alumni to come.

Check out the photo album to get a real glimpse into the exciting event.

Photo Credit: Yingying Xiang (MiAF 2014)

Editor Shuvro

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