Our student Shuvro from the Master in Finance intake September 2013 shares his experience at IE Masters Cup Tournament!

Through competitive challenges that foster community engagement, school spirit and collaboration, the IE MASTERS Cup perfectly embodies two main pillars that IE Business School has embraced: entrepreneurship and teamwork. The core idea of MASTERS Cup is that groups comprised of students from MiF and MiM programs compete against each other to win points through successful participation in different team-building & fun-loving activities.

From my first-hand experiences as a MiF student, I can say that these events provide additional opportunities to network both within and across Masters Programs and involve various types of competition ranging from sport tournaments to talent competitions. In addition, I think the different formats allows members of the entire Master program the opportunity to showcase various skills and talents that they may not be able to display in the classroom, such as athleticism and artistic creativity.

The second edition of IE MASTERS Cup for 2013/14 intake took place on February 28, 2014, in Navalcarnero Area, approx. 1 hour away from Madrid city center. With more than 150 students gathering near IE Campus in Calle María de Molina, the organizing team had to coordinate different team activities between MiM/MiF students. The whole-day event then started with the bus journey towards Navalcarnero at 10 AM in the morning.

The first activity for the day was a Carnival-theme Group Dancing Session with professional instructors at El Labrador Hotel. Different groups had different type songs to perform, and this colorful activity kick-started the day in a grand fashion! As a modest performer myself, the flamboyant costumes – wigs, hats, moustaches – all made the performance a delight to watch. In the end, it was a celebration of diversity of IE through examples of creativity & collaboration.

20140228_125835           20140228_123604

After finishing the morning session, the students had lunch together with everyone in the Banquet Hall of the Hotel. This gave us a chance to take a break from the frantic dance routines and enjoy interacting with students from other Master’s program. Later on at 3 PM, we headed towards the final activity of the day – Paintball Competition!

30 mins away from El Labrador Hotel, we arrived at SprayCity Paintball in Navalcarnero – one of the most real-life paintball centers in Madrid. This activity simulated an open battleground scenario with students gearing up with Paintball Guns, Protective Helmets, Gloves and Paint Bullets! The paintball center instructors separated the groups to participate in different themed shooting scenarios- defending your fort base, attacking a drug curtail mafia etc. My team won 2 battles, and in the end I had paint all over my jackets 🙂 After 2 hours of intense bloody (?!) battle, we started our journey back to IE at around 5.30 PM.

Throughout the day, as we spent time together, I felt this was the essence of IE MASTERS Cup competition – students gathering / sharing / enjoying / collaborating with each other to bring out the best within themselves.