Foto_2An article by current Executive MIF student Francisco Javier Rodriguez Dachille, who just got back from the New York trip with some other selected members of the masters in finance programs at IE.

In our turbulent world, there are plenty of ways to get updated about financial markets and any kind of complex instrument, a lot of sources coming from newspapers, online networks or even specialized and technical providers, however, after our experience in New York last December, I am totally convinced that doing it through people who work directly in the industry could give you that sensibility to deeply understand how decisions and future events are being processed.

 “Your client is busier than you, keep focused on his main necessities” or “competitors could be really useful for getting information about your market”, are some of the feedback received from more than eight international companies during our trip. We were involved in a continuous brain storming in every single meeting we had, that is why the contact with high and well prepared professionals is key to develop the skill of “thinking globally but achieve locally”.


 Winter or summer, NY always offers something new to learn and this time the way I enjoyed it was completely different. It was a great experience discovered the openness and availability showed by all our speakers; not only in terms of receiving you in their offices for a meeting but also in terms of telling you some of their main professional and personal drivers.

 Two full days in New York, Manhattan, crossing the whole city to go from a meeting to another has been enough time to realize how important is developing a global professional network, which will allow you to share ideas, opportunities and business partnerships in the future…or as many, in the present.

 From the 22nd floor in Citibank’s offices or next to the Rockefeller Center in UBS Bank, passing through Bloomberg`s open spaces between amazing tanks and having the opportunity to visit the building of the NY Stock Exchange, the experience, as a whole, has been positively enriching. You could make the difference if you really propose it: that is the message.

 One of the advantages of IE Business School is the multicultural environment you are involved in, so take advantage of it and live a real high added value experience abroad as I did in NY. Do not forget to be as curious as you can because this will be the added value of an experience like this.