– Blog post written by MIF 2013 Student – Shuvro Mainuddin, from Bangladesh –

I am not the most exemplary blogger, it must be said. But in my own defense, I attribute this to the nature of IE Business School.

IE has shamelessly given me lots of homework, countless opportunities to meet people and attend interesting talks and conferences, lots of opportunities to have Tapas, drink beer & cocktails on Friday nights on someone else’s tab, and many good friends with whom to spend the time which I do not spend writing for this blog. How dare IE Business School distract me thus!

When I first started my Masters last September, I was overwhelmed with those lengthy and deep HBS cases and tight-deadline study assignments. On top of that, I had to learn to adjust myself into a new living environment – the Spanish way. It was very tough, but looking back, I pleasantly realized that I went through it just fine.

It is difficult to believe that it is January already and I have completed my first IE semester. It felt like only yesterday when the Masters in Finance students met for the first time at Aula Magna for the Orientation Day and we were all struggling to adapt to the life of a student!

Group-works for me has been one of the most rewarding experiences over the past few months. The MiF student body is extraordinarily international and working in groups made me appreciate different cultures and ideas and helps break through any “silo mentality”. The student group is diverse but universally clever, hard-working and are definitely the “future leaders” of the financial and business community globally.

I know that this sounds a bit “full on” and maybe a tad too serious but there is a ‘work hard, play hard’ aspect to IE as well. Whether it is drinks, dinner, or ski trips, IE students know how to enjoy themselves when away from the textbooks!

I’ve been travelling now around Spain for the past two weeks (Valencia, Seville etc) and after sending couple of postcards to my friends and family back home I will be heading to Portugal (Lisbon & Porto). During this travel, I had some time to reflect upon and put a perspective on my time at IE.

All I can say today is, the past few months has been an exciting journey for many of the MiF students. IE offers such breadth and depth of opportunity that I have barely begun scratching the surface. I’m excited about the upcoming semester, and to begin new adventures at IE.

 Stay tuned for upcoming posts! : )

MIF 2013 Student Shuvro Mainuddin

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