Q: Hi Dan, welcome to the Global Master in Finance program! Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

Thank you Viet Ha.
When I do not study I work for a large global financial services firm;  I am the IT Head for HSBC’s Investment Bank in Singapore and Japan. I am also the COO for HSBC Securities (Singapore) Pte Limited – the entity licensed to provide access to the Singapore’s stock market (SGX) for the Global Equities Business.
My work experience spans over more than 14 years in Investment Banking Technology working for Companies such as UBS in Germany and the UK, Barclays Capital in Singapore and Tokyo as well as Close Brothers in my hometown Frankfurt. For most of the time he was the “glue” between Technology and the various business departments.
Last year I graduated from the Master of Science in Innovation program at SMU in Singapore, my hometown since 2009.

Q: Can you tell us why you chose IE´s Global Master in Finance over the different top Finance programs in Asia where you are based right now. What is it about the GMIF that appealed to you?

 There are a number of reasons why the GMIF was the right program for me:
– Currently I need to be location independent as my work currently involves  a lot of traveling. I spend a week per month in Singapore, 3 weeks in Japan and I do go and see people in our regional headquarters in Hong Kong
– IE is known to be a very practical school with hands on faculty. While I understand academic theory has a lot of value I also wanted to “learn to do immediately”
– The GMIF program is different from other MSc in Finance programs because most of us have a number of years of work experience. I do learn from Professors and classmates alike
– IE business school has an excellent reputation globally

Q: Now that you are in the program for 3 months, could you tell us about your learning experience, your classmates?

The flexibility that I needed is definitely there, great. The initial two weeks in Madrid were demanding but a fantastic opportunity to bond with my classmates. The amount of readings is enormous and one should not underestimate the effort required. At the same time I feel like I learn a lot and can connect the dots across multiple parts of the industry much better… something I did not manage to do until now even though I have been in this industry for almost 15 years now.

Q: Which values do you think that IE’s GMIF is going to add to your personal growth and professional development?

The GMIF program is designed to make you a finance generalist, understand products, services, markets and different industries. It is not a specialist degree (like the one’s in Quant Finance other schools offer). I feel people that will come out of the program probably understand risks much better as they have gained insight into many disciplines. After the GMIF I hope I can continue to grow in my firm and take on more responsibility. At the same time it probably equips me with the knowledge to start up my own business if I wanted to.

Thank you very much Dan for the interview and we wish you all the best luck!

Students from the GMIF enjoying a netwroking dinner in Madrid!

 Foto GMIF class Nov 2013