How many MiFs does it take to make an unforgettable year? What do you get when you cross 70 gifted students, Madrid and Finance? Why would you always find MiFs roam around Calle Serrano?

The answers to all these brain scratchers can be found if you visit IE Business School, where the 2014 MiFs have recently entered the Master in Finance program. As everything we have experienced already this year, the semester started off with a bang and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

We’ve been to fancy restaurants trying out different cuisines, we’ve been to the Holi Run (A Color Fest), we’ve been to Santiago Bernabéu to watch Champions League Football, been to Canal Golf course (typical of Finance students), and of course, we’ve been a zealous part of the eclectic nightlife in Madrid! This is list could go on forever.. : )

Let’s take a look at what some of the MiF students had to say about their brief experience at IE:

Coming from the scenic city of Helsingborg in Sweden, Fredric has settled down well in Madrid after initial few hiccups. Apart from being an active part of the MiF social activities, Fredric is also keen on trying out new foods, especially near IE 🙂 He took on the responsibility of Ethics Rep for the upcoming year though with a touch of reluctance. As humble as he is, Fredric is one of our more popular students in Section 1.

Zoya brings a Russian flair to this year’s MiF cohort. Already a big fan of the city, Zoya is relishing the sunny side of Madrid. Participating in this year’s Masters Cup, combining the MiM & MiF Students, was something she was excited about as it was the first time she tried playing Football! All in all, Zoya feels she has made a great decision getting admission at the MiF 2014.

In stark contrast from the previous example, Julia, is a devoted fan of Brazil National Football team. Growing up in São Paulo has meant Julia is one the few girls in MiF 2014 that loves the beautiful game. She has already had a taste of Champions League action in Madrid, attending the match between Real Madrid & Juventus, two European football giants. And of course, we love the bantering between Julia & Cristian, a fellow Argentine in our class, about the upcoming FIFA World Cup : )

A class as diverse as MiF would be incomplete without representation from the Far East Asia, wouldn’t it? In Fernando, we’ve a delightful Chinese guy, known for his likeable personality. With a Spanish major in his undergrad, Fernando spent the last year getting to know Spanish culture & mastering the language. An active member of the IE China Club, Fernando last month helped organize a campus presentation of Huawei. Recently, he is back from a wonderful excursion to Valencia with Chinese friends from MiM & MiF.

Sharp & analytical in class, Claus is part of the German contingent in MiF 2014. A big fan of the French cuisine and an avid traveler, Claus has a different perspective, often drawing from his international experiences. In his free time, he is enjoying the little delicacies of Madrid such as going to Opera shows, trendy bars and what not. And btw, Claus is also one of the very first MiFs to have accepted an offer from Goldman Sachs this year!

Want to find out more about this year’s MiF students? Stay tuned for upcoming posts! : )

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