Masters in Finance appealing final exam options include academic case studies; CFA Equity Research Competition Projects; equity research and IPO valuation projects; valuation of a company owned by a private equity firm; academic research; or a microfinance case study.
Rafa Alvaro participated in the CFA Equity Research Competition projects, achieving excellent result, here is his testimonial.
 “I did the CFA Research Challenge final exam option. I chose that option because I was very interested in valuating companies, learning more about the equity research industry and gaining some insights of working in it.
We all learnt all that and more. We got regular and close contact with industry experts who gave us their very personal opinions about our work, pointing out aspects that we had to improve or change, and who basically worked with us. We devoted a lot of time to the writen report and presentation and we gain all the possible insights of the industry and learnt a lot about company valuation. All that knowledge is very useful for the job that I have right now.We won the local Research Challenge here in Spain. And that entitled us for an all-paid trip to London for four days to represent IE Business School and the Master In Finance. But it also happened to be an opportunity to meet students from other international business schools and a lot of industry experts and c-level executives from different European CFA Societies. It was hard because we had to devote a lot of time to the Research Challenge while keeping up with the rest of the courses in the master, but it was totally worth it and we got the best grade.”

Congratulations Rafa!

We wish you the best in your finance career!


Finance Admissions team.