As you might have found out by now, IE’s Career Management Center (CMC) does not decide for you where to apply for jobs. They do not write your application and they do not go to the interviews for you. However, it is their job to support you in the best possible way along the process. What follows are some recommendations from alumni and the CMC on how to best make use of the weekly drop-in sessions.

A short recap: For each week you can always find the current drop-in sessions schedule linked on the Career Portal Home Screen. Drop-in sessions allow for 10 minutes with the CMC’s industry-specific advisors.

There are no explicit rules on how to use your time slot, but given that 10 minutes is very little time, it is obvious that you should come well prepared and with specific questions. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you can benefit as much as you would like. In fact, to maximize your satisfaction, it is recommended that you have already done a lot of ‘homework’ before you meet them:

  • § Research your target industry and potential employers with one of the resources the CMC provides to you (e.g. Vault, Workmaze.)
  • § Understand the country you want to work in and what it takes to move there (try Goinglobal)
  • § Collect and review job descriptions that sound interesting
  • § Identify your transferable skills and assess your chances for the positions
  • § Get in contact with alumni to gather more information

With all these preparations completed, and ideally with a particular position that you want to apply for, the drop-in sessions offer you great help! IE’s career advisors will help you answering any open questions, they will know the main challenges you face for a particular position and they can help you in overcoming them. In particular, they will be able to tell you how to customize your application to increase your chances. And finally, later on, they can provide detailed information on specific selection processes within companies they closely work with so that you know what to expect and how to prepare.

The above-mentioned steps prior to a drop-in session might sound like a lot of work. They really are. The good news is, that once you are done, you may benefit from the CMC’s expertise during drop-ins over and over again. And the sooner you start, the more often.