Islamic Finance, Ethical Banking & Finance, alterative non banking & financial solutions… what they all have in common?

They all want to make a positive and lasting impact in their communities!

Since 2008, many experts believe that among the causes of the financial crisis, we can include too much leverage for banks and companies, as well as too much derivative “complex synthetic products” as the most relevant. There is therefore a social move that demands financial organization to emphasize more the real economy as opposed to the financial economy as has been the trend in the last few decades. Thus many savers and financial consumers are looking to different ways of doing finance that will meet the financial needs of the people, taking into account, Morals, Ethics, and need to improve the societies in which they belong to, helping their communities to activate their economic initiatives. In this new context; alternatives such as Islamic Finance, ethical banking as well as other non-banking & financial solutions are of special relevance.

SCIEF (*) proposes a series of initiatives in a “Think Tank” umbrella; to understand the views of the youth on possible alternatives to the present financial practices, but also to help them look into new alternative ways that Islamic finance, ethical banking & finance and other nonbanking & financial alternatives that can provide for their financial future.

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SCIEF is Europe´s leading center for Islamic Economics and Finance. The center was launched in 2009 with the mission to be a hub for research, teaching, applying and promoting Islamic economics and finance amongst Spanish and international businesses, governments and future leaders.

The center leverages from the experience of its partners: Islamic Economics Institute – King Abdulaziz University and IE Business Schooland Chair for Ethics and Financial Norms (CEFN) – University of Paris 1, Sorbonne. The activities range from developing course material, thought leadership through producing publications, conducting executive training on contemporary issues and raising awareness through our think tank series on Islamic finance and the future of alternative financing in business.