…and ask yourself this question:

  • “What do finance students need to know about accounting?”

Now, if you are thinking “except the spelling, nothing” or “what is accounting” than you definitely want to join the Finance Conference to which we are inviting students and alumni on April 24th at 19:00hrs in F001 (Maria de Molina 2), as the stated question will be properly answered during this event.

The speaker leading the discussion will be Dennis Jullens, European Head UBS Valuation & Accounting and published author of research on equity analysis issues who advises institutional clients on a range of accounting topics, finance issues and valuation methodologies. Dennis is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh – Business School. Furthermore, he is involved in the accounting standard setting process as a member of the IASB’s Analyst Representative Group (ARG) and EFRAG’s Financial Instruments Working Group (FIWG). 

Like always, due to limited places, please register by sending an email to Liliana Ramirez (Liliana.ramirez@ie.edu).

In sum, come out, be ready to learn, increase your IE network by a few more valuable contacts and most of all, enjoy an evening of great value among likeminded people.