Professor Ignacio de la Torre – Academic Director, Master in Finance Programs, IE Business School.

Professor Ignacio de la Torre is bullish with optimism in spite of – even because of – the latest financial crises: “This provides us with a world of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities,” he says.

Speaking before a talk entitled Financial History: What Can We Learn from Our Mistakes? – the Director of IE’s Master in Finance Programs outlined the less well-documented ‘glass-half-full’ view of the on-going global financial turbulence.

Financial crises give rise to positive change: “Look at the US – in the 6 years after the banking crisis of the early 1980s the US economy went from being made up of 20% markets and 80% banks – to vice versa.” That was a big, positive change in just six years – brought about by a financial crash. “I’m optimistic about Europe today because countries will finally take on reforms they haven’t looked at in 60 years.

A big opportunity for positive change for de la Torre is the chance to educate a new generation of socially responsible financiers – something that, in his role at IE Business School, he feels both duty-bound and well-positioned to do. Deciding what and what-not to teach young, soon-to-be influential financiers is a big responsibility and one of the big decisions he has made at IE is to take certain ‘long-term view’ modules – and make them compulsory for every finance student […].

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