We all hear this word at least a few times during the day. It’s a short one, starts with “c” and ends in “risis.”

It’s a word that has the power to change the world and can be found throughout history. This time, everything started with the collapse of the debt crises in the US, which led to financial problems for the rest of the world and a tremendous collapse of the global growth. Will the euro break up? Will the US dollar keep its reserve currency role during the upcoming decade? Why is the Japanese Yen weak after the last Bank of Japan intervention?

These are only a few questions on which we will focus during this Virtual Master Class, as its topic will be the foreign exchange market. As always, this class is designed to give prospective candidates who cannot visit our Madrid campus the opportunity to experience a finance class.

The session will be spearheaded by Carlos Gallo, Associate Professor at IE Business School and Head of Head of Total Return & R&D at Invercaixa Gestión S.G.I.I. Professor Carlos’ areas of interest include the evaluation and analysis of risk return relationships, optimal and efficient portfolios construction, fundamental analysis and valuation of companies and other kind of investable assets. He started his career at the Spanish Market for Futures and Options followed by his incorporation as a derivatives expert at HSBC Investment Bank in Madrid. Some years later he joined Invercaixa Gestión, SGIIC, and the financial management firm in which he handled specialist investments in global equity markets as the Japanese, British, Swiss and the euro zone. At present, he manages the total return funds as the Fund Manager, Asset Allocation Team.

So, come and join this Virtual Master Class on Wednesday, April 18th at 3:00pm (local time Madrid).