Samuel Harrison is a current Master in Finance student at IE, from the UK, and he has a secret: He is part of a team of entrepreneurs that created a “Staff Favorite” app on iTunes which is currently listed on the front page of iTunes UK and Ireland – a rare achievement for a Sports App. What’s the app about? You might have guessed it; yes, it’s about Snowboarding.

Endorsed by some top European rides, this SNOWBOARDING Trick List App delivers a comprehensive step-by-step guide to 36 of the most sought snowboarding tricks around, including respect ratings, illustrations, expert tips, maintenance, snowboard terminology, mounting bindings, waxing and choosing one’s ride as well as an extensive streaming music playlist, wallpapers and other extras that could excite any snowboarder’s heart.

Retired-pro boarder Wakeham said:  “This app offers not only the normal kicker tricks and crowd-pleasers, but also a few quirky ones that you can bust out subtly, such as how to ‘boardwalk’, which is a low risk move to learn that can be very useful in getting around without having to unstrap your rear foot.”

Created by a team at the famous snowboarding website  and in collaboration with Head snowboards, Hertel Wax, British Olympian Dan Wakeham and of course our friend Samuel Harrison from IE, the app’s near future updates will include more tricks, grabs, graphical improvements, more “pro tips”, among other tools. So, why are you still reading? Go check it out and help a fellow IE student to climb all the way to the top!

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