IE Business School is spearheading education in Islamic finance and business and has the aspiration of becoming the Islamic finance education hub in Europe.

The inauguration ceremony of the Saudi-Spanish Center for Islamic Economics and Finance was hosted at IE Business School in December 2011 where we welcomed Dr. Ahmad M. Ali, President of the Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia. He argued that Spain was chosen as a partner country by the Islamic community due to its strong historical links, acting as a bridge between western and middle-eastern societies.  The center’s creation came about as the importance of an effective and advanced financial system has been highly recognized by the Islamic community. The goal is to broaden levels of expertise in developmental finance and economics and it should also help Spain further become the European gateway to knowledge on Islamic finance.

 In 2012, IE Business School, according to Prof. Ignacio de la Torre, will offer its first Finance degree with key modules being taught on Islamic Finance.  IE hopes to stay at the forefront of ongoing industry trends that are placing increasing importance on Islamic Finance and related subject matter.

Let´s listen to two of our guest speakers who shared their views on the role and influence of Islamic Finance in the current global financial turmoil:

Dr. Rja Bin Mnahi Al-Marzooqi, of the Islamic International Foundation for Economics & Finance, shares his thoughts on the role of Islamic Finance in the post financial crisis world.

Mr. Abdulrazak Elkheraji, Executive VP and Head of the Islamic Banking Group, shares his thoughts on the role Islamic Banking has in solving the financial crisis.