If you are thinking about the next step of your professional career and if you want to pursue a Master in Finance at the IE Business School, we would like to inform you that there are scholarships available which can help you make your maximize your return on investment.

An investment of time, intellectual effort and financial resources.

Studying a Master in Finance at IE Business School is an investment in time, intellectual effort, and is also about financial resources: during our one year master program you will have to dedicate your time to learning and understanding new concepts related to Finance such as financing tactics and modeling. While you will be studying your master program at one of the top world’s top international business schools, you will also be investing a significant amount of funds in your continued professional development.

How can we help you: Scholarships for Finance Executives and Student Loans.

We understand that you want to maximize your return on investment and so we aim to help the top candidates of the Executive Master in Finance (February 2012 intake) via IE Foundation-sponsored grants.

The scholarships for Executives in Finance consist of 10 scholarships supporting 15% to 30% of tuition fees which will be given to candidates admitted to the program before January 10th, 2012. These scholarships are compatible with loans available to our students and offered by partners such as Banco Sabadell, Bankia (Caja Madrid) and Banca March.

Being able to obtain a scholarship will reduce the amount of money you will need to finance your professional training at IE, and as a result will shorten the time required to obtain the return on investment you expect. If you are thinking about financing part of your study via a student loan, remember that our in-house loan programs will cover part of your tuition fees with interest rates starting as low as Euribor+0.50% with up to a 10 year payback schedule.

What do I have to do to take advantage of this opportunity?

First, you need to be admitted to the program. Therefore if you have not yet started the process, begin the Admissions process by filling out the online application. Also, for more information on the program, visit the websit www.ie.edu/exmf.

Once accepted, the next step is to apply for a scholarship through the Financial Aid online application: https://secure.ie.edu/ie/financialaid/?idioma=eng.

Candidates admitted to the program who have applied for a scholarship before the 23rd of December will receive a decision on the scholarship before December 31st.

What’s the next step?

You still have time to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! Please contact us in order to get things rolling at MIF.admissions@ie.edu