Last week the inauguration ceremony of the IE Trading Room took place at IE´s newest building Maria de Molina 2. The event welcomed not only current students but also alumni and prospective candidates. The ceremony started with the Opening Speech by Iván Yañez Velasco, Managing Director, JB Capital Markets SVB, followed by a visit and demo session at the Trading Room.

Equipped with Bloomberg, FactSet, WONDA, EVA Dimensions, Thompson, Matlab, Reuteurs, TTR & Zoologic and other technologies, this facility has one of the top collection of analytical tools for a university/business school´s  investment lab in the world.

The Trading Room will be home to many classes of finance students, as well  the home to many finance classes of MBA programs which require to do analytical research on security pricing, brokerage, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and other analytics such as stocks, bonds, commodities, options and futures, and currencies.