Settling in…  

 (By Samuel Harrison, current MIF student) 

The past few weeks have been very busy for the 2011 Master in Finance class, and have just flown by. This momentary busy period culminated with the class receiving our first examination results today. We have now commenced learning for a second tier of modules now, as classes in Capital Markets and Fixed Income have come to and end and have been replaced by Financial Maths Programming and Corporate Finance. A particular highlight is the revolutionary course in Portfolio Management, that sees students gain their Bloomberg certification and manage a mock portfolio of shares, with the performance of the portfolio contributing to our end grades for the module.  

Group work in Macro Economics has continued to progress and has been joined by new, challenging assignments in Financial Accounting, as we continue to be tested and develop our ability to work within a team. 

However, this week looks set to be somewhat more relaxed, with Madrid celebrating Almudena on Wednesday, the female patron saint of the city. It is a public holiday, which gives the class an extra day to catch-up on work, well deserved rest, or simply enjoy the city!