Daniel Hansen is from Denmark and is going to graduate from Oxford University in June 2011. Daniel is joining the Master in Finance in September 2011, let´s hear more about his experience before IE.

Q: Hi Daniel, congratulations on your admission to IE´s MIF program! Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

I am a Danish student, who has studied and worked abroad since I came to the European School in Brussels at the age of 16. I am currently studying at Oxford University and I will finish my bachelor degree in June 2011. Last summer, and again this year, I have secured an internship at Barclays Capital in London and I will be working here till the MIF program starts.

Q: Can you tell us why you applied to IE´s MIF program? What is it about the MIF that appealed to you?

Despite my experience as an intern in Sales at Barclays Capital, I feel I still need more exposure to theoretical finance. I was, therefore, looking for a structured master program that would allow me to gain knowledge across a wide range of financial institutions and financial products. I believe that IE has created just such a program with the MIF program.

Q: I´ve seen that you also applied to other top business schools including Säid Business School (Oxford University) and London School of Economics and Sciences (LSE), which was the main reason for you to put IE as your first choice?

IE was always my first choice. It is of course a privilege for anybody to study at Said or LSE, but IE also has an outstanding reputation. Apart from its academic reputation that is composed of the practical approach and CFA preparation courses and many other factors, one of the reasons that sets IE apart from other top business schools is its location. Despite the current crisis, Madrid remains vibrant, and I cannot wait to share an amazing year in Madrid with top students from all over the world.

Q: Which values do you think that IE’s MIF is going to add to your personal growth and professional development?

That is a big question. One of the reasons why I believe IE is perfect for me is the composition of the MIF class. Each year a wide range of cultures and nationalities are represented (35 students from 25 countries), and I believe that this mixture of cultures and viewpoints will allow me to question some of my assumptions and hopefully help my personal and professional development.