For students of the Master in Finance program, these days are the tough days, as final exams and projects are approaching. After 10 months of intensive learning process, now it is time to put all the knowledge they have learnt into the final project.

Depending on their prefered career path, students can choose one of the different options for this project: Academic Case Studies (normally
linked to a financial problem, with some valuation issues); CFA Equity Research Competition Projects; Equity Research & IPO Valuation Projects (valuation of a company owned by a private equity firm); or an Academic Research (which includes two options of writing a case on finance, accounting or macroeconomics or a microfinance case study under the instruction of a microfinance expert from IE´s Financieros Sin Fronteras)

These options (except CFA Equity Research Competion Project) are also available for the Master in Advanced Finance class.