Following the success of the previous Master Class: Five Financial Predictions for 2011 which took place in Geneva in March, IE Business School is organizing the upcoming Master Classes on the same topic in Paris (May 23), Frankfurt (May 31) and Moscow (June 9). The Master Classes will be given by Ignacio de la Torre, Academic Director of the Masters in Finance at IE Business School. The event is open to all prospective candidates of IE´s Masters in Finance programs or any other programs, alumni and everyone else who is interested.

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The great recession is over, yet it has left a turbulent world full of uncertainty and volatility. Threat of inflation, the emergence of geopolitical risk, a long-standing banking crisis… all set the pace for an instable environment. This instability impacts both the financial and the economic world, and each interacts with each other. This implies that only through a combined view on the macro and financial framework one can set the pillars where predictions can be made. John Galbraith once said “Economic predictions make Astrolgy a respectable science” through this session we will let finance interact with macroeconomics, and make Astrology a little bit less respectable.


Professor Ignacio de la Torre is the Academic Director of the Master in Finance Programs at IE Business School and Partner of Arcano. With fourteen years experience in diverse fields of investment banking (corporate finance, equity research, specialist sales of media stocks, generalist sales of European equities and derivative sales at UBS and Deutsche Bank), de la Torre has been a Professor for IE for the last six years, teaching creative accounting, macroeconomics, finance & valuation courses. Professor De la Torre has also founded a business, the Internet retailer where he acts as a board member. Read more…

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