Hosted by IE Finance Club and IE Women in Business Club, the conference “From a great idea to a profitable reality: how dollarization shielded  Ecuador for the XXI century” welcomed Guest Speaker Joyce Ginatta, a well -known Ecuadorian International Lecturer, Entrepreneur and leader to IE Campus on May 18th 2011.

After several years of economic and political uncertainty, Ecuador finally dollarized its currency on the 9th of February of 2000. One of the three only countries outside USA dollarized today, along with Panamá and El Salvador, Ecuador reached this innovative measure under the leadership of Joyce Ginatta. Joyce was president of the Chamber for Small and Medium Entreprises, when she became the first person to propose dollarization as a solution to develop the economy. As she developed influence strategies and negotiations to convince major stakeholders in the country, Joyce’s dollarization proposal forced politicians to control public spending. But most importantly, dollarization generated the stability and credibility to attract investment, promote saving and ensure financing of long term development projects.