As a potential finance program student at IE, you should know that IE Financial Aid is the department  at IE that helps students fund their programs by providing access to scholarships, fellowships and loan options.  Our number one recommendation?  Take a financial planning approach to funding your master program; studying at a top school is an investment, so be sure to take the time and prepare a solid financial plan. 

Scholarships for Finance Programs at IE Business School

While you should navigate to our web page ( to learn more about the IE Fellows Program and 40 different loan options available, here we provide a snapshot of what is available for future finance program students, from the perspective of scholarships.  To ease the application process, below we’ve listed the top 5 scholarship options available, for finance programs.  Do keep in mind however that there are many more scholarships available based on such factors as geography and diversity.

1. Financial Professional Scholarships: Top engineering students who studied their undergraduate degree in Spain (up to 40% of tuition fees).

2. Financial Talent Scholarships: Top candidates who’ve got experience in a selection of different financial areas (up to 50% of tuition fees).

3. International Finance Scholarships: Top candidates who’ve obtained international experience in the financial sector (up to 50% of tuition fees).

4. Global Financial Markets Scholarship: Geared towards top professionals who actively participate in global financial markets on a daily basis (up to 30% of tuition fees).

5. Finance Asia Pacific Scholarships: For future financial leaders coming from countries where the region’s major exchanges are located. Special preference will be given to candidates who have professional experience working with the listed exchanges.

Keep in mind that as an admitted candidate you can apply for up to 3 different scholarship and an IE Fellow Award, so a good course of action would be to apply for one of the finance-related scholarships above, a geographic or other diversity scholarship, an IE Foundation scholarship (basic financial need scholarship) and potentially and IE Fellow Award.  Keep in mind you can only apply once so you’ll need to send all applications at once.

Keep in mind we are available from Monday to Friday, 09h00 to 22h00 CET, to support you.   We can be contacted via email and phone, but don’t forget to check out our blog ( and web ( too.

Good luck from the IE Financial Aid team!

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