For the 2nd time, the Finance Academic Team of IE is organizing the networking event led by some current students of the Master in Finance programs with the aim of gathering all current students of the Master in Finance, Master in Advanced Finance, Executive Master en Direccion Financiera and also alumni from these Masters from all intakes over the years to foster networking and enhance contacts amongst the finance community of IE Business School.

Since last year´s kick-off meeting which marked a huge success, the Team is now planning the 2nd event, which will be henceforward called the Annual Networking Event for Finance Students & Alumni. It´s important to emphasize that this event is not officially organized by IE, but by the students themselves. Many alumni will travel from other cities or other countries to Madrid to join the event.

• Event: CAPEA (for those who are unfamiliar with the Spanish language – this means “bullfight with young bulls”)
• Date: July 2nd 2011

Let´s hear what Bakytgul Kulakhmetova (Kazakhstan), student of the Master in Finance 2009 has to share about her experience with Capea last summer:

After the final exams of the Master in Finance, the Finance Academic Team organized an unforgettable event called “Capea” where students and professors had the chance to test their courage and fortitude. It was one of the most impressive experiences I´ve got in Spain. We had to use our entire prowess to fight against young bulls in front of our classmates. Although the baby bulls were only one meter tall, they were well-trained to attack the cape and were quite powerful when they speeded up and took a running hit. Some of our classmates were knocked down by them; fortunately, there were always friends nearby who tried to divert the bull’s attention so there was no serious injury. Some classmates discovered the matadors inside them; they teased the bulls by playing football on the arena and finally approached the bulls by lining up in a row. One interesting thing that I discovered was that bulls are reluctant to attack women.  I was standing on the arena several minutes trying to catch the bull’s attention by shaking the cape and shouting “toro” but it was more interested in guys that were standing at the wall.

During the ten month Master program, I thought I already knew my classmates well, but this challenge showed me new sides of their personalities, which are prowess, fortitude and selflessness to help each other in danger.