IE Finance Admissions Team in Nigeria, Lebanon, South Africa, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in April and May

Dear IE finance alumni and candidates, we are very happy to announce that we will be traveling to Lagos, Beirut, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Cairo, Baku and Almaty in April & May, and we would like to invite you to join us in different events (depending on the city): “Discover Finance at IE” conferences, one-to-one meetings and others. Through these…


Interview with alumnus Antonios Kypreos (USA/UK) about his Investment Advisory firm Axion Financial Group

 Interviewed by Viet Ha Tran, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Finance Master Programs We would like to share with you an interview we did with Antonios Kypreos just before the Semana Santa (Spanish Easter holidays) about his 5 year old investment advisory firm he started in 2010- Axion Financial Group. Antonios Kypreos is a US/UK citizen; he…


Economic Update with IE Masters in Finance Academic Director…a must to be up to date on markets, finance and economics!

New Economic Update by Ignacio de la Torre.

The next Economic Update with Ignacio de La Torre will take place on February 26th at 18.00 hours Madrid local time.

You can attend online through the following videoconference:

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We have just launched, a new social platform to keep you updated on all our extracurricular activities!

IE promotes an everlasting relationship among the members of the IE community, facilitates a common platform of business, career development and lifelong learning opportunities, with the objective to encourage personal and professional development of IE students and alumni, in accordance with the principles and values of IE. Networking at IE starts in the School’s classrooms…


Executive Finance Interview series: Francisco Padilla (El Salvador), current Global Master in Finance student, Chief Financial Officer at CREDIQ

Interviewed by Viet Ha Tran, Senior Associate Director of Admissions for Finance Programs. Just before Christmas and New Year holidays, I had the opportunity of interviewing Francisco Padilla, current student of GMIF, despite his very busy year-end schedule at work, between board meetings at the company and study sessions of GMIF program. Francisco holds a Bachelor of…