IE Business Schoolwould like to invite you to the next in a series of upcoming Virtual Master Classes on current financial topics.About the event: Microfinance – Financiers without Borders

In recent years the need to close the gap between developed and developing countries has become increasingly urgent, particularly in the shadow of the current economic crisis. The corporate world is aware of its growing role in socio-economic development and increasingly the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement enables it to assume this role in a highly effective manner.
Financieros sin Fronteras (FSF – Financiers without Borders) is a non-profit association and joint collaboration between IE educators and students, that promotes the integration of the most disadvantaged people into the financial circuit. FSF’s mission is to conduct research and develop innovative and practical formulae to strengthen microfinance institutions (MFIs) that promote the eradication of poverty by encouraging entrepreneurship.

About the Speaker:

Maria Luque Calvo is the Executive Manager of FSF. A proven entrepreneur, Maria has also worked in the business creation department for the Australia & New Zealand Migration Bureau in Amsterdam, helping entrepreneurs develop their business projects. Maria brings extensive knowledge of microfinance, economic development and CSR policies in the private sector.
Maria graduated in European Business Administration from the Hogeschool voor Economische Studies in Rotterdam and holds a Master of International Relations from IE Business School.

To join our Virtual class, CLICK HERE to register.

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