In 2010-11, as the debt crisis hit the developed economies and lets to a subsequent contraction in the growth of the emerging markets, the job markets around the world evolved to new levels of competitiveness. Even though our Master in Finance Class of 2011 graduated in a difficult economic situation, they still commanded good positions in the Finance industry and Finance roles in other industries. The Placement Report says that 40% students got job offers thanks to the support of IE Career Services.

Read the MIF Placement Report 2011.

4 thoughts on “MIF Placement Report 2011 says 40% students got job offers thanks to support of IE Career Services

  1. Leopold

    Hi, the placement report is outdated (2010).. Where can I get the latest report (2011) including more details (e.g. name of employers that hired graduates, # of graduates per employer)?


  2. Masters in Finance Team

    Hi Leopold, we´ll be publishing the new report of MIAF in mid October. Will send you a copy.

  3. Jha

    The placement report shared at IE’s web is for 2010. Could you please share the placement report for the year 2011 with me?


  4. Masters in Finance Team

    Hi Sunny, since the class of September 2011 just graduated in July 2012, we will publish the placement report at the end of the year.

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